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Our Story

Keenly aware of the changing seasons, humbly alive and whirring around in the community, the honeybee lives a sweet, golden life nourishing body and spirit. Creativity, sustenance, and honeybees seem to partner well with each other, which is why bees and where they live, in the apiary, encompasses the spirit and passion of everything we do at ApiariaWINE. Like honeybees we try to see the world through multifaceted eyes. But instead of eyeing sources of pollen, waggle dances, the locality of water and the position of the sun, we turn our eye towards the fruit of the vine, wonderful wines to help build lasting community and familial bonds. Like honeybees we enjoy curating wines from near and far and diligently assure that each meets our standards of taste, quality and value. With heart and soul, conveying abundance and beauty, and with a purpose rooted in community, we bring our wine selections to you. And if you are looking for something special for your “Honey” we have it!


Avery is the inspiration and energy behind everything we do! Avery is a mom, gardener, entomologist, outdoorswoman, artist, world traveler and wine lover.

Stevie G, Famous Wine Drinker, served as a beekeeper in the Peace Corps in Paraguay where he taught impoverished farmers how to produce honey as a secondary income generating activity and subsequently worked in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Nicaragua, spending a total of seven years working with bees and rural people in Latin America. Along with wine, Stevie’s other passions are sports, travel and art.


Working hard behind the scenes, we are a small but mighty team of highly dedicated people; each of us going above and beyond each day to bring our customers great wines and treating each sale with care. They are the definition of busy bees!


We strive to bring you an exciting, eclectic mix of hand-selected wines that will give you joy, awaken your palette and provide you and your loved ones with the perfect toast. ApiariaWINE is a family run business that integrates the goals of sustainability, integrity, and aesthetics into everything that we do. With this goal in mind, we seek to source wines that have been produced ethically and ecologically.